About Us


Company Overview

Located in coastal city Xiamen, Wikey focuses in developing and producing heated system & products, and consumer electronic products since 2013.
At the beginning, Wikey successfully developed the world’s first heating two-in-one hand warmer, which has gained great praise from American customers. Continuously upgraded technology, Wikey expanded its business range to more apparel products ever since. Meanwhile, in order to ensure product safety and reliability, Wikey has invested and built all key element production lines, thus defect rate can be controlled at a lowest .
Driven by innovative technology and qualified products, Wikey was trusted by clients world-wide and has rapidly become one of the leading manufacturers of heated apparel and relevant products.

Advanced Heating & Fabric Technology

Since 2013 we operate in design, production and sales of conductive thread heating solution. It is a light, flexible and washable element. Powered by portable battery, to maintain optimal body temperature in cold weather, it is an ideal material for heating wearable and outdoor gears. 

What We Offer

Wikey is  an OEM partner of many brands in different applications all over the world. We deliver powerful heated products in functional fits and designs, mainly offer OEM solutions as below: 

Wikey Heating Elements

• Customizable heating solution
• Installed at your own garment factory
• Provide Installation training

Complete Heated Products

• OEM&ODM service
• One-stop supply for heated products
• Sourcing the items for you selection

Power Bank Design

• Diifferent Capacity
• Long working hours
• Light weight & compact dimensions

Why Choose Wikey

We design and produce professional heated wearable products for our customers with rapid service, while providing top quality products at competitive prices.


Integrate mature solutions directly into your products to greatly reduce the development cycle.


100% inspection from materials to completed items, and all products are covered by 1 million USD product liability insurance.


Thousands of wearable heated products made by Wikey in EU, US and Japan market, with a low defective rate < 2‰.


We serves a wide variety of industries. Choose Wikey as OEM supplier, you are choosing with a professional manufacturer.

Quality Control

At Wikey, we strive to improve everyday. Clients always get quality products of standard specifications to their utmost satisfaction.

Heating Element
Temperature Controller
Assembly Line
Finished Products

Testing Lab

Wikey has a series of mature procedure for testing heating system during developing and producing.
Washer Reliability Test
Salt Spray Test
Pull Test
Swing Test

Global Clients

We design, development and manufacturing for global brands.