Stay Warm in Winter Hiking

What you wear hiking has the potential to make or break your trek. No matter how long your hike is, you’ll need the proper gear to be well equipped for the changing environment. Let’s discuss what to wear hiking so you can be comfortable and protected on your next trek.

Packable Jacket or Vest

Any experienced hiker knows that the weather isn’t always predictable. Instead of bringing extra layering items to keep warm and dry, consider one of our packable, wind, and water-resistant heated jacket or heated vest. You’ll keep you warm and dry when changes in the weather sneak up on you.

Protective Clothing

When deciding what to wear hiking, being protected is just as important as being comfortable. Chances are you’re going to be exposed to UV rays, changing elements, and insects on your hike. Dress smart to protect against the sun with UV blocking materials. If an area you’re hiking in has disease-carrying insects like ticks or mosquitos, consider breathable long-sleeved pants and shirts treated with insect repellant. If changes in temperature or weather are likely, be prepared to keep your extremities warm and dry with heated gloves or heated socks.