Wikey Heating System

Conductive Thread Flexible Heating Technology

Since 2013 we operate in design, production and sales of conductive thread heating solution. It is a light, flexible and washable heating element. Powered by portable battery, to maintain optimal body temperature in cold weather, it is an ideal material for heating wearable and outdoor gears.  

Design & Creativity

Rich experience in OEM & ODM for global brands.

High Quality

Proven quality from hundreds of clients from different countries.

Rapid Heating Technology

Key Features

By combining lightweight, warm & intelligent conductive thread heating elements, our heated product is your perfect solution in cold weather season.


Overcurrent, overheat and overvoltage protection.


30 times plus standard washing and 1000,000 H heating life for long-term using.


Conductive thread flexible heating technology can be used in various of industries: outdoor activities & sports, casual apparel, workwear etc.

Fast Heating

Quickly feel the heat in a few seconds, cover the heated area evenly.​


Our R&D team keep upgrading our heating solution, so the clients can get more comfortable, lightweight, flexible heated products to withstand cold, and also try their best to make the power bank smaller and last longer.

Meanwhile, we are working as a partner with IKKEM LAB from our local university which is Top 20 university in China, in the coming months, we will launch more items with their advanced graphene heating technology.

Customized options

Heating zone can be customized accordingly to client’s request. Normally we have single-piece, double-piece, triple-piece, quarter-piece.
The logo and shape of temperature controller can be customized. APP/smart watch controller will be launching soon.
We have standard Type-C, straight USB, Angled USB for selection. Connector protective case will be provided to prevent deformation.
Press the button and keep it for 1 second to switch the 3 heating levels and adjust the temperature.
We provide 5V, 7.4V, 12V batteries for different products and situations. Also offer battery design and OEM service.


We’ve got the heated apparel and accessories for every situation the moment you need it.









OEM & ODM Process