Is Heated Clothing a New Business Trend?

Everyone knows that battery-powered heating clothes are a useful way to stay warm during winter. But how it becoming popular? If you’re new to the world of heated clothing, you’re probably confused what’s the advantages and what’s the key point of heating clothes.

What Is a Heated Clothing?

When we talked about “heated clothing”, it refers to a battery-powered apparel that is mainly designed for outdoor sports and activities in extreme cold weather. Unlike traditional apparel, you can feel warm and cozy no matter how cold surrounding is.

At present, the common heated clothes in the market include in: heated jackets, heated vests, heated base layer shirts & pants, heated hoodie, heated gloves, and heated socks.

There are four ways to make heating function come true:

One is to make a heating module, and then implant the heating module into ordinary clothing. Another one is to produce a yarn that can be heated, and directly use this yarn to weave the fabric. Chemical heating and thermal fluid heating are the other two ways.

Now, the majority garments are designed and produced using the first method, by heating module with rechargeable lithium battery in 5V, 7.4V, 12V.

Why heated clothes with power bank becoming popular?

As the innovation of technology, we can see the categories of heated clothing are increasing and the application scenarios are also expanding.

Feel cozy outside

Instead of wearing think puff coat, a thin, light weight heated jackets, vest, hoodie or base layer can easily provide a warm and cozy dressing experience for you. You can do the outdoor activity more flexible and relax without feeling cold.

At the same time, they can also be fashionable and functional. We can provide solution to suit different situations, for example, waterproof, wind proof, camo fabric, etc.

High Versatility

A piece of battery powered heating clothing can be used in different surrounding. No matter you work outside, or play like horse riding, hunting, fishing, camping, hiking, skiing, running, or play with kids, you always find the clothes that suit you very well. Besides winter sports and activities, these jackets are also ideal for outdoor workers such as carpenters or construction workers.

Health and Therapy

By provide different heating option, heating clothing can help you relax your mind by providing continues warmth, and also improve the blood circulation, which do much good to your heart. It can also help people who suffers from Raynaud syndrome to keep warm for a long time.