Heated Cotton Socks

Item No: WKHS02

Material: 80% cotton, 15% polyester, 5% spandex
Heating element: 1 zone beneath toes
Connector: USB-C
Battery: 5V 3500mAh
Heating level: (3) low-medium-high
Completely safe for hand and machine washing
Enjoy safe and continuous warmth in cold weather


No more cold feet! This pair of socks contain 80% cotton which make your feet will stay nice and dry. Using thin but strechy adavanced heating solution, you can hardly feel the wire but only the soft and warmth of the material around your toe area. More over, new battery with larger capacity 3500mAh can provide longer continous warm than other vendors. Design and heating solution can be customized as per your request. Contact with us for more details.