Useful Gears That Can Help to Stay Warm While Hunting

There’s nothing worse than a situation where, until you walk in the woods , you find your gear is not enough to keep you warm. However, recent innovation in hunting gear and apparel technology have already found a new solution when hunting in extremely cold temperatures.

That’s why heated clothing is becoming a popular tool for hunters which can help them spend more time in the woods and endure the coldness. Aim to develop functional heated products to help people feel warm, Wikey has developed a series of hunting apparel and gears which are quite welcomed in the US and EU market. Here are some solutions for hunters to stay warm.

Keep Your Hands Warm

As old myths saying that the feeling of fingers is connected to heart. Cold fingers are one of the first things felt when the temperature drops down. As the weather gets colder, our bodies begin constricting blood vessels and the reach of blood out to the arms and legs reduces in order to protect vital organs like heart, brand, thus will make your hand painful.

To protect your hands and fingers, heated gloves and mittens will be a great help.

Heated mitten- Most people don’t know that fingers create more heat when they are together than being separated individually. Using high quality camouflage fabric and magnetic attraction design, Wikey mitten can be quite silent while providing warmth.

Heated glove– A loose glove will require a lot of extra energy to heat the hand, so fitted gloves with good design are important for hunter. Wikey’s glove are fine design and retain as much as energy as possible. Moreover, heated glove liner is another great way to minimize the amount of air in the glove. All batteries of the Wikey glove series have now been updated to the new version WK35, which has a smaller size with larger capacity of 3500mAh, in type C input/output, which will last much longer warmth than other gloves.

Heated handwarmer– Besides glove, a heated handwarmer / muff is another good option for you. With adjusted buckle, it can perfectly fit your waist and warm your hands anytime you time.

Keep Your Feet Warm

Feet have a similar reaction to hands when cold temperatures come. You’ll quickly feel the pain of cold toes as it gets colder, even if you’re well insulated.

The point to keeping your feet warm is to stay dry and the blood flowing. Use merion wool socks which have better insulation and moisture wicking. Wikey heated socks using the latest stretchy heating solution to provide a cozy, comfortable, and flexible active wearing experience. Using the new WK35 battery, it also can be longer lasting heating without adding more weight.

Dress In Layers

Layering up before you go out for a hunt definitely brings a lot benefits, especially if temperatures are going to fluctuate drastically throughout the day.

Heated base Layer – The main purpose is perfectly fit the skin by heating your core muscle. Wikey heated base layers are quite soft and stretchy which comfort and versatility for the activity in spring, autumn and winter.

Heated vest as Middle Layer – The main purpose is to shield you from the cold and provide insulation. Wikey heated vest using sturdy fabric but also lightweight enough to provide warmth easily. Three heating settings can suit your demand for temperature very well.

Heated camo jacket as Outer Layer – The main purpose is to protect you from wind, snow, and rain. Wikey high quality camouflage jacket is made of thick and fine workmanship polyester which is wind and water resistance.

At the same time, Wikey also offer camouflage heated sit pad, heated sit cushion, portable heating chair for you, mission is to provide an enjoyable and warm hunting experience. Contact us for more details. If you have any other ideas, pls send us your inquiry.