Tips to choose a reliable heating clothing supplier

There’s no electric risk with heated jackets since they mostly use batteries of less than 12V, far less than Human body safety voltage 24V. However, sometimes poor quality heating element, battery, and unprofessional solution can also bring risk.

Heating Elements

The most important part for heating clothing is heating element. Unlike most heating solution in the market, Wikey has updated a new heating solution which has below advantage:

  • Flexible, Thin, Washable
  • Rapid Heating Technology
  • Over Current/Voltage Protection to avoid burnt risk
  • Overheat Protection
  • Customized heating zone as per your request

Additionally, Wikey has built own production lines for heating element, so that 100% quality solution can be guaranteed which make a very low defect rate in the industry.


Additionally, the type of battery also influences the efficiency of the jacket.

To ensure the safety of battery, we recommend hard shell instead of battery with pouch bag.

Also, the battery’s voltage is what determines the efficiency of the clothing. Our engineer will offer professional solution to meet a long-lasting usage as well as warm experience.

Material and design

As an OEM solution manufacturer with nearly 10 years’ experience, we offer variety options including fabric, heating zone, control button, heating level option, connector for you.

Wikey is always your reliable one-stop solution provider for heated system and products. Kindly to contact with us and send your inquiry.