What Clothing to Wear on a Chilly Golf Day

There are a lot of reasons why people love golf. However, staying warm is half the battle during spring, fall and winter golf. Let’s go over some of the cold weather golf clothes essentials you can benefit from in any climate when less than favorable temperatures are par for the course.

Winter Golf Clothes 01: Warm Vest and Layers

Not only we understand it’s important to stay warm so we can reduce the chance of injury, but also, it’s crucial to your golf game that you can execute a good full swing. How to balance light weight clothing and keep your body warm when you schedule an early morning run on the course or participate in a tournament? We suggest Wikey heated vest for you as a good option for winter golf clothes.

With three heating zones in the chest and back, Wikey heated vest can provide an instant heat for your core muscle as long as you press the controlling button, you can feel free to choose the temperature you feel most comfortable. While heating your core muscle, it also allows your arms free to swing. The powered battery is packed inside the vest yet won’t offer any burden for you.

Another ideal clothing is a Wikey heated base layer. Using stretchy and high-quality polyester, the comfortable long-sleeved base layer aim to offer a comfortable day on the green. You can zipper up to assure the neck warmth. The back, chest, waist and knees can all be warmed by safe and innovative heating elements.

Winter Golf Accessories: Handwarmer

Golfing with cold hands can easily disrupt your grip and your score. So, hand warmers are essential for staying warm and performing your best in cold weather. Unlike most hand warmer, Wikey heated hand warmer can deliver fast and concentrated heated to just in few seconds. Also, with nice fleece and thick cotton filler, the hand warmers are water resistant outside yet super soft inside. We hope our products can heat where golfers need it most to stay warm and cozy through all 18 holes.

Committed to delivering industry-leading heated apparel and accessories that’s ready for extreme cold weather, Wikey provides customized design and solutions for clients. Any cooperation or inquires, please contact us.