You’ll Need it This Winter- A Portable Heating Blanket

With fall coming and the nights getting chillier, people are huddling around the campfire, and thinking about fall and winter activities like camping, fishing, or in the stadium parking lot while you get ready to root on your favorite team, with your lovely pets. Of course, a blanket that can provide long-lasting warmth will definitely be a perfect part of crisp winter. However, most electric blankets on the market are plugged into a wall outlet which has distance limitations. But portable heated blankets are different. They offer incredible versatility based on the fact that they don’t need to be plugged into a wall socket. Just imagine, you can just bring a small portable power bank along with you to reheat the blanket on the go!

How Does a Battery-Operated Heating Blanket Work?

Battery-operated, cordless heated blankets generally have thin wires embedded in the material. Once the blanket’s battery pack is charged, the blanket can be disconnected from the charging source and remain warm while you move around from place to place.

Are Heating Blankets Safe?

Yes, safe for outdoor activities. The portable heating products are designed with low voltage, which is far below the safe voltage for human beings. Also, keeping innovation, Wikey uses advanced safer heating systems which can greatly avoid risky hotspots that other heating systems face on the market now. Also, Wikey provides auto shut off features that power down the heating units automatically, which reduces the risk of fires starting from a faulty power unit while you are sleeping.

The application of Wikey heated blanket

We can customize the products as per your request.

  • Camping industry– Wikey camping heating blanket can be charged by car charger or by USB. You can simply wrap yourself by fire-side at your campsite, or just on the couch at home!
  • Fishing industry-You can also make it a simple blanket put on the bedchair when fishing for carp.
  • Hunting industry– You can put a camouflage blanket in the blind while you are hunting for waterfowl in cold winter.
  • For pets-Wikey also has a blanket for your lovely pets when they feel cold or even want to release the pain.